Places Visited

Istanbul, Pamukkale, Oludeniz, Cappadocia

Kids' Ages

Ivan: 7 yrs. old.    Carolyn: 5 yrs. old


16 days in May & June of 2012


approximately $11,500 ($720 / day)

Kids' Favorite Things

Cats of Istanbul

"Cotton Castle" in Pamukkale

Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

Getting free stuff cuz I was so cute! - Carolyn

Lamb kebobs, Pide (Turkish Pizza), Fries, Green popsicle, Sticky ice cream

Parents' Favorite Things

Blue Mosque

Topkapi Palace

Boat ride in Oludeniz

Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Lamb kebobs, Turkish Tea, Fries

Turkish Pop Music Playing 24/7 Everywhere

Trip Intention

Turkey's rich history and many natural wonders made it difficult to decide where to spend our time. If this had been an adult trip, we would have visited more ancient ruins and museums. Since this was a family trip including our 7 and 5 yr. old kids, we decided to visit Istanbul and try more outdoor activities.


We would visit Istanbul for the beautiful buildings, Grand Bazaar and the city itself. Our apartment was a walking distance to many sites, and it also had a tram stop nearby, which we used frequently.

At Pamukkale, a World Heritage Site, we would hike up the "cotton castle" and hang out at the thermal waterfalls and pools. Then we get to relax and enjoy the picturesque Mediterranean beach of Oludeniz. I intentionally picked a hotel that was outside the "downtown", where it was quiet and had wild tortoises roaming among their vegetable gardens.

We would finish our trip at Cappadocia where we get to stay in a cave hotel and visit an underground city and ride the famed sunrise balloon to see the spectacular landscape.