Hi, my name is Sharon and I’m very happy that you found RoaringFamilyTrips.com! I hope RoaringFamilyTrips.com is making your trip planning a breeze.

I have always loved traveling and when my wonderful kids, Ivan and Carolyn, joined my husband and me, I learned that planning family trips was very different than planning adults-only trips. It required a lot more research and sorting out information to fit our kids’ physical abilities, temperaments as well as their nap schedules. After travelling to Turkey, Canada, Korea, Japan, Belize, Guatemala, New Zealand and Australia, I can happily report that both kids were never harmed and are now passionate travelers.


RoaringFamilyTrips.com is the kind of website that I wished I had when I was planning our family trips. All activities inside and near national parks are thoroughly researched, and I hand-picked only those that are interesting, fun, family-friendly and well-liked by others. So all you have to do is to choose activities from RoaringFamilyTrips.com to make your family trip amazing.

I also believe in efficient planning, so the activity details are presented in the following format;

• concise essential activity information

• activities rated by kids’ ages

• activity maps

• tables and bullet points!

In addition to national park guides, I wanted to share our international and domestic travel experiences. Maybe it will encourage your family to visit places that you have not considered before. Or if you already have done so, maybe you want to share your wonderful stories with us.


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me at contact@roaringfamilytrips.com.


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In New Zealand


At Tikal Mayan Pyramids, Guatemala


In Bryce Canyon, Utah